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and then went down to the shipand then went down to the ship, BZA: The last decade has been one of radical change in the borough. Until around 1998 or so, it was nearly a straight shot back in time– South Brooklyn time! Coincident with the invention of horse’s ass sobriquets like the so-called “Columbia Street Waterfront District” (apologies to all Equine Americans), the mallification of previously no-less-than-weird parts of Brooklyn commenced. Once King’s Plaza & Ceasar’s Bay were anomalies; soon, the execrable Atlantic Center opened. Despite the claims of the developer and Mayor Giuliani both, it was not one goddamn bit like Ebbetts Field. Today there are all sorts of people representing South Brooklyn (& Red Hook– even Gowanus) like its been here 300+ years just waiting to go yummy brunch* & luxury condo. Who knows, maybe that’s true, since, despite the 845 blogs & photostreams dedicated to South Brooklyn alone, I can’t seem to find any pictures of the Stella Maris Seamen’s Center on Van Brunt Street**. Surely many others exist but until others step up, we’re stuck with only this.***

* Angry M.F. Fisher, Brunch Hater, just kicked me in my girl nuts.

** to see Brooklyn’s other Stella Maris, join the esteemed webmaster of Forgotten New York, Kevin Walsh, on a tour of Sheepshead Bay.

*** Any readers with historic Brooklyn industrial & other photos are encouraged to write c/o WWIB; we’d love to give credit where it’s due & hear your stories.

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