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Beach Channel Bingo!

not jamaica baySwan would never say it’s too easy but… sometimes it ain’t too tough either. So among those 845 websites & photostreams documenting Gowanus, South Brooklyn, Red Hook or parts thereof, how many noted the shocking presence of a (Rockaway) Beach Channel Shoppers Mart sign in their midst? While internet searches aren’t always an exact science, a quick check does suggest the answer is… none. Not to imply everyone in the region was looking either but surely between brick-by-brick accounts of a not-exciting demolition of a non-historic building at Bond & 3rd* or asinine laments over the sign at the former Domino Sugar (parent company: Tate & Lyle, look it up) factory, somebody would stumble upon this & wonder… hmmmmmm. Note: this is mere not gowanusobservation, not complaint, since BZA & I are about to drive out & collect a $1000 reward from the Rockapulco Community Action Keep Our Streets Sexy & Thursday Night Bowling League for returning this sloppily stolen property. Jamaica Bay here we come! (& shout out to that pretty thing who works booth #2 at the Marine Parkway Bridge most Saturday mornings: what’s good, darlin’?)

* while the demolition of a late-19th century brick rowhouse on Union St between Hoyt & Bond went entirely unreported a couple months earlier.

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