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the boss is backBZA, on this thing of ours: What to say of a world where little is said at all? Oh, it didn’t used to be that way– wise men knew how to keep secrets, sure, but pretty much everyone was aware. How could they not be? Now, for the first time in quite a while (7-8, maybe 9 years?), residents of South Brooklyn, can visit the corner of Court & Union for a deep plunge into their collective maritime past. For those whose knowledge of the area derives largely from those who pimp residential real estate for a living, NYSA stands for New York Shipping Association, while the ILA is the International Longshoremen’s Association. (In a convoluted twist of labor history, the 284 workers striking at the Domino Sugar factory were members of ILA Local 1814; see Tom Robbins here and ask everyone who wants to “preservthe modern dancee” the Domino Sugar sign why? for whom? and will Tate & Lyle pay for it? Otherwise it’s only free advertising.) Anthony Anastasio (1906-1963), was, more or less, the boss of the Brooklyn docks. So-called “Carroll Gardens” did not exist then & many “Spanish” people lived on Columbia St, among other places. In fact, they’d been in South Brooklyn just about as long as the Italians… To be continued…


Call it fate, call it blasphemy but in a rather eerie coincidence, the photographer & writer known as Joseph Anastasio announced the availability of his first book, Subway Solitude, yesterday. While we’re pretty sure Joe wrote an essay on graffiti for & has lots of great pictures in New York Calling (including REVS & Sane on the cover), little is known about this Queens-native’s family background… Ya’ll ask him!!

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