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rejoice?Mornin’ ya’ll, Koy here, & a quick taste of what BZA whipped up at the griddle oughta suggest I’m either a fake or mildly deranged, because Weeksville ain’t West Farms, baby! While there is Bergen Avenue in tha’ Boogie Down (it runs between Willis & Brook), all the streets qua street names around there* are numbers. Not so in Weeksville, where the Lord** must have played a good ‘un to be able to build this house or worship next to my grandfather’s old one– they didn’t call the Koys black Irish for nuttin’.

Remember the BK***,

Ernie Koy Jr.

* Junius Van Sinderen, Ombudsman suggests: let’s call it Longwood, with a side of Mott Haven, although the reverse is OK too.

** The Music Director notes: not to be confused with heavy metal ciphers, Sir Lord Baltimore, also of Brooklyn.

*** The Publisher asserts: In a modest effort to reclaim Gowanus for the weirdos & working people who until very recently comprised the vast majority of its residents, a few nights ago I sat in for a set at the always rockin’ El Rancho Found In Brooklyn. Tip the Proprietess in vinyl (records) & maybe she’ll tell you about the Bond Street after hours joints few others who claim the area have ever even heard about.

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