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Staten Island Bound

si to bkITEM: First, greetings & welcome to all NY1 viewers. Marshall Berman & Brian Berger recently made a brief appearance on Sam Roberts’ New York Times Close Up program & this is indeed the all-city blog Sam mentioned. It might a little confusing if ya’ll have never been here before but, for starters, check out the categories list at right & choose a topic or neighborhood of interest. We try to cover the city in as an original & dynamic a way as its true population demands, guided not by the blindness of habit, inherited ignorance nor the bald lies of real estate. Any questions, comments & corrections are welcome. Like New York Calling: From Blackout to Bloomberg, this site is dedicated to the people of New York City, all of them.

ITEM: While there will soon be many nervous, hyped up skinny people on Staten Island on this, the eve of the New York City Marathon, others on the Rock will have greater worries, such as where to eat after the Tour De New York Calling variety rib it up!show at the Everything Goes Book Cafe. One of WWIB’s two food writers, Zyczymy Smacznego, offers his suggestion: Although the glories of Victory Boulevard in St. George are manifold, & the pizza at Joe & Pat’s also on Victory, really is worth the $9 toll (from Brooklyn) to get there… tonight I think The Publisher is going to be in the mood for… Shaolin bbq. (Good thing he’s not racing tomorrow!)

the great books programITEM: a review of New York Calling appeared in the Daily Telegraph of London & while many at WWIB can quibble, it’s probably more fun if ya’ll do it yourselves.

Photo editor BZA notes: The building on the Brooklyn shore in the photo at upper left is the V.A. Hospital at Fort Hamilton; the name of the road its on is Poly Place– after Poly Prep on 7th Avenue just around the corner. Myself, I always think of it as pre-Cropsey but hey, that’s just me, a St. Finbar’s girl K-8, although my parents relented & I went to public high school. Shout out to the Midwood Hornets, what’s good?

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