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topless building, lifeless barin the Baisley Park branch of the Queens Library, Swan: Morning ya’ll, yet more tech hassles back in Brooklyn but busted laptops ain’t shit compared to the brain woes of the borough. Or are we overthinking things a little? Blog forbid! Hardly prone to serious thought at all, it would seem, nor writing that’s bright, funny, historically or even self-aware: the vast majority of those who type about real estate & related issues. There are, happily, some notable exceptions but the rest shouldn’t rep Gowanus, South Brooklyn, Red Hook, so-called “Cobble” or “Boerum Hill,” “Carroll Gardens” or the ridiculous “Columbia Street Waterfront District” if they don’t know what the fuck those names mean. Is it really that difficult to pay attention to how the city truly exists*, not as both know-nothing bloggers & print media shills– “ably” helped by press releases, right– suggest it does?

Anyway, here in largely overlooked South Jamaica, life is a little simpler– 117-11 Sutphin Boulevard, at the corner of Ski Mask Way. (Really Foch Boulevard but shout out to my man 50 Cent: the streets still feel ya’, homie.) I drink coffee, check the do not forsake me oh my darlin’e-mail, think about getting some porridge at the Guinean joint up the road. Before West African breakfast, I’d like to thank WWIB listener Ms. Lahem B. Ageen of Bay Ridge for more photos of 591 3rd Avenue, former home of the Overtime Pub, taken this morning on her way to work as the office manager in… a Gowanus factory. (Which, according to the post-industrialists, isn’t supposed to exist.)

* Not sure what to say about the photography game over at Lost New York City– but the dude’s own peepers work better than most & it he’s definitely been peeping in some interesting windows here. (Maybe it’s my eyes that are out of focus?)

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