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e for euclidCounty? The Music Director explains: If Elvis was a hero to most, including WWIB Hillbilly Hula Hour favorites Ronny Elliott (Tampa via Birmingham) & Terry Allen (Sante Fe via Lubbock) but didn’t mean shit to Chuck D. (Roosevelt, Long Island, deathless context by Bed-Stuy) what does that suggest about… Woodhaven? Ozone Park? Not so fast, punk! Holy Queens is eight– count ‘em– tantalizing blocks away, just the other side of Eldert Lane. Here, at 3259 Fulton St, is Brooklyn Elvis, the King of Kings in Kings County, with Jesus, mere King of the Jews, holding it down at the Blessed Sacrement Roman Catholic Church around the corner at 198 Euclid. Both are in… Cypress Hills, baby. (Formerly a part of New Lots, & later the 26th Ward.)

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