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suthpin de partieSnake takes ‘em back, Southside: Comin’ up I was confused, my mommy kissin’ a girl, confusion occurs comin’ up in the cold world. Daddy ain’t around, probably out commitin’ felonies, my favorite rapper used to sing, “Check check out My Melody.”* I wanna live good, so shit I sell dope for a four finger ring, one of them gold ropeduck season?s. Nana told me if I passed I’d get a sheepskin coat; if I can move a few packs, I’d get the hat, now that’d be dope. Tossed and turned in my sleep that night, woke up the next mornin’, bloggers had stole my bike. Different day, same shit, ain’t nothin’ good in the ‘hood I’d run away from this bitch and never come back if I could.

BZA notes: A rainy day in South Jamaica & if it’s no insult to suggest just about nobody reading this is down with Zulu Hair Braiding at 115-77 Suthphin Blvd, someone surely knows the Jamaica Hunting & Fishing Club at 95-07 Suthpin, right? Still, when WWIB’s own Junius Van Sinderen, a member of the Glory Social Club on 3rd Avenue, South Brooklyn (or Gowanus) tried to get in, some joker at the door refused him courtesy; does the Inc. stand for inconsiderate now Queens, wtf?

The Music Director adds: Eric B. & Rakim, “Check Out My Melody,” from 1987. It might seem slow today but the R was just getting warm. Knocking bloggers out!

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