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Disorder At The Border

leaving brooklynDr. Centipede says “cough.” Queens, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Queens? Who could ever choose, except we know Ernie Koy Jr. runs the Bronx. Here, thankfully, without a boogie up or down in sight, just the A train rising from the East New York catacombs & tags ya’ll are itcurving onto Liberty Avenue, nobody has to. Ozone Park, City Line, City Line, Ozone Park: it’s all good, homie. Well, one sorrow: the great City Line Halal Grocery at the corner of Forbell Street & Liberty exists no longer. What does? Stay tuned dear reader, & lift up your shirt please.

Beadel Debevoise regrets: The recently closed & much loved Shore Hotel at Coney Island is now shuttered or, more literally, covered in plywood. Among the many historic events to take place there include the epic, soon-to-be-published WWIB interview with Brooklyn writer Jim Knipfel, author of the swell true crime novel, Noogie’s Time To Shine. BZA has my film now, pictures soon, but for everyone who slept at the Shore Hotel, whether overnight or short stay, & for ya’ll who felt the moisture– surf, salt air, tears & otherwise– on Henderson Walk, this is truly mournful news.

Admin inserts: As Joseph Anastasio, Kevin Walsh & Brian Berger each prepare to get on the good foot together at the Fresh Meadows Barnes & Noble, a short version of Marshall Berman’s New York Calling: From Blackout to Bloomberg introduction was found by Book Forum online; it appeared in print in Dissent magazine. As a kid I always thought it was Descent but uh-uh, that turns out to be some British caving rag, “the magazine of underground exploration.”

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