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Hornado Sunset Park

cazuela!Admin down with the rockin’ pneumonia & the boogie woogie flu, or perhaps it’s the goddamn vapors? Whatever the diagnosis, even when it’s difficult to eat, it’s important to stay hydrated y mucho más– that’s how they speak it in Ecuador, & often on 3rd Avenue too– including the hornado hermano Scorpion said he couldn’t stop thinking about after he took this picture. El ñañito evermore!

roll on big ozone

Adds Swan from South Ozone Park, where love goes out the door when money comes in the window. If ya’ll thought we were through with Queens after the huge New York Calling reading in Fresh Meadows Wednesday– Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York might still be signing autographs–… not even half a chance, homie, at least not when there are wonders like Eximesa Cargo Express, Inc. & the Rockaway Candy building to celebrate. Likewise, who can explain the shocking absence of graffiti on the gates, or the peeling paint above? Who would want to? (BZA loves a mystery.)

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