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Mondo Northern Manhattan

valley of the …& we’re back with Berenice (“The Abbott”)/BZA: A crack in space, too long at the crack pipe, a cracked lens, too long on the phone with some crackpot gallerist or maybe cracked in the head by an errant ball while watching the Trinis play cricket out in Canarsie– whatever the reason(s) for WWIB’s absence from the airwaves of your soul yesterday, the transmitter is warm & humming this momarble ryerning, oh baby! (Cue Pharoah Sanders’ “Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah” here.) Sine waves crashing, sing it ya’ll: the song of upper Broadway, walking north to Inwood (that’s Garcia’s head in the bag) & a bombed out Marble Hill switching tower. What were we doing there? To be where the Bronx begins, again.

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