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Kingsbridge Goes To Noir

kingsbridge glareErnie Koy, Jr explains: Although C.J. Sullivan & Brian Berger did appear on BronxTalk last night with host Gary Axelbank, the show was not, in fact, shown live. The half hour program, with The Publisher in studio & Sullivan on the phone, will premiere New Year’s Eve (!!) & be rebroadcast numerous times thereafter, kicking 2008 off to a weirder, more streetwise start than any annum in recent memory. I’m nothe galway hooker claimst sure what to make of Sullivan’s “Respect the X” accent but he sounded good regardless & goddamn, Berger spoke the pure poetry of Gravesend like he was Popeye Doyle handcuffed to his own bed in The French Connection & not at all displeased about it. Hey, I’ve been there bro’– shout out to Mami in Pio Mendez Houses, Hunt’s Point, what’s good?

BZA adds: Lots to say about Kingsbridge– & indeed all of the upper Boogie Down– both geo- and photographically but here, two whispers: the first is from a series of pieces on E. 198th St (including a Tracy 168 “Wild Style”), the other a missing person flyer posted up around Jerome Avenue. It reads “Tony is MISSING since last Friday, November 30th. Last seen in ‘The Galway Hooker’ bar around 9:oo pm and then, across the street at Slattery’s Midtown Bar @ East 36th St (5th Avenue & Madison) around 12:00 am. Details: Aged 29, 5 ft 10 in, 170 lbs approximately.”

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