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Word Is Bond

busted flat on bond streetbut on Bond Street, the word is… whuh? Toad reports. Call it Gowanus or call it South Brooklyn; call it Carroll Gardens (hah) or take in the panoramic view from outside the Vargas Mini Mart at Warren St & call it “Boerum Hill.” If those options aren’t all good, don’t worry, a really cool real estate blog will come along soon & explain it, including the Bond St cobblestones & trolley tracks which have lain under macadam for the greater part of fifty plus years. Laying fallow at least twelve months or so: the unfinished building 300 Bond Street, whose condition ya’ll have not read about anywhere else, despite the frequent presence of real estate shills eager to share the horseshit lies of “luxury condos” supposedly coming soon nearby. (About the affairs of local industry, they have much much less to say.) Be that as it may– or may not– in the Canal zone, isn’t it curious not one so-called “reporter” could walk, pedal, drive, skateboard, maybe even pogo stick by Bond & Union (below right) without wondering uh… what the fuck is (not) going on here? A new abandoned building? Right here, on the Gold Coast? Buddy Scotto forbid!! While anyone can be excused a single oversight, this is hardly– by a l-o-n-g shot– the first error or lie of omission when it comes to Gowanus or Brooklyn development. While not of great historic significance– unlike the numerous 19th century buildings torn down in in the last year that you’ve also not read about– that a building like 300 Bond St could just sit there & sit there all this time without somebody noticing it was never complesuspended animationted ought to make everyone wonder what else they’re not being told by those who claim to be paying attention. Perhaps if a wine bar had been planned for the ground floor instead of truck parking, things would be different? Either way, while I’m working the ‘hood: shout out to Statewide Fireproof Door on 3rd Street: stay up, homies.

Beadel Debevoise reminds us: Gentleman Jim Knipfel & his pearl-gray homburg will be talking to fellow Brooklynite Leonard Lopate on WNYC, Tuesday at 1 pm.

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