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Skills To Pay The Bills

gate killawho’s still got ‘em? BZA for one: Which is not to diminish the style or persistence of the writer known only as OJAE, sometimes shortened to OJ & frequently celebrated on the streets as the Juice. What kind of juice? Whatever this anonymous market in South Brooklyn is selling! I cropped it tight for a bunch of reasons, tho’ not blowing the spot for the writer known only as EBT was my first thought. Granted, EBT has mad ups all over the borough, even if ya’ll don’t read about it as much as, say, that yummy new brunch spot or the inane schlock excelsior of triple x no mas excception notedlights in exotic Dyker Heights: look ma, electricity! For a few local yokels having fun for the kids, fine… For ofay pilgrims, who never tell us about OJ or EBT & wouldn’t know La Sorrentina (6510 11th Avenue) from Gilbert Sorrentino (1929-2006)… WTF?

Junius Van Sinderen reveals: the Morningside Heights printed matter monger now known as Book Culture has a new blog. A recent highlight is this brief interview with the High Priest of Paerdegat Basin, Brian Berger, & the Marquis de Morrisania, Marshall Berman, who were there to discuss New York Calling. As for the poetry of Edwin Denby, I believe Berger meant the 1986 edition of The Complete Poems, edited by Ron Padgett with photographs by the great Rudy Burckhardt.

BZA is back! Goddamn JVS, whoa– RB is still one of my boys– peace god. Ya’ll know his Afternoon In Astoria series, right?

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