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Long Walks, Silences

somewhere nycwith Snake, witness for the unsaid. I wish I could tell ya’ll more. I wish I could write The Unnamable. I wish Fuckin’ Revs didn’t curse so goddamn much. I wish I was drunk on Edelbrau, Piels, Polo, Trommers or Welz & Zerweck. I wish I could paint like Gouch or Sober. I wish I’d seen that Bushwick (Bed-Stuy, somewhere elseBrighton Beach, Brownsville) girl again. I wish the Commodore Theater was still there on Broadway. I wish John Cazale were still alive. For about a week when I was in the 8th grade I wished I could go to Brooklyn Tech (like that Bensonhurst girl) but I’m glad I went to Murrow– ‘sup tight ass bitches?

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