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hand of fateJunius Van Sinderen catches up with a future past: On the departure of NYC 2012 proselytizer & fool Dan Doctoroff from the Bloomberg administration, I have only three words for now, “see ya’, schmuck.” The Publisher implied even more in New York Calling– in the shadows of the Bronx Terminal Market, on the Red Hook waterfront, or above left, on Carlton Avenue– but, as ya’ll might expect, our colleague Tom Robbins of the Village Voice said it best here. An excerpt:

All of that might still be forgivable, the understandable fumbling of a headstrong, arrogant man who had made himself a millionaire many times over by investing in real estate and other opportunities, someone unused to the rough-and-tumble politics of City Hall. But nothing explains his ruthless refusal to accommodate the needs of blue-collar industries and workers wherever he found them on the map he so wanted to redraw.

On a “related” note– & one said with all furious irony & disdain for the real estate developer of the same name– Michael White wrote an excellent column for the New York Sun on the new Eminent Domain racket in the wake of the U.S. Supremjamaican gangstere Court’s hideous Kelo decision. (Not to be confused with the terrific Panamanian diner of Franklin Ave, Kelso.) Although it prints its share of propoganda, the Sun has principles too, among which is a consistent opposition to the abuse of Eminent Domain, including, of course, it’s invocation in the so-called Atlantic Yards project.

The Music Director adds: Speaking of which, stalwart Brooklyn journalist Norm Oder of the Atlantic Yards Report tied a few things together in this recent post, including the sham promises of the Nets arena & the loathesome (my words) Jay-Z. To be blunt: Fuck Jay-Z, the most overrated rapper of all-time, & doublefuck his insipid ersatz-soul caricature of a black exploitation album cum advertisement that isn’t even in 2007′s NYC hip-hop top 10, let alone any other possible positive ranking. But the Jay-Z brand is so… comforting, right? In the words of Ernie Koy, Jr., when asked if he was psyched about a new Yankee Stadium & its attendant parking garages, “Get the fuck outta here.”

Zyczymy Smacznego asks: Uh.. what the hell is my picture of Finger Lickin’ doing here? BZA! I’ve not even finished my damn review. (Or is this a… hint?)

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