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Campaign Trail 2008

looks awfully like Flatbush Avenue to Toad. Afternoon ya’ll, from the Flatlands Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Shout to my Avenue P homies, what’s good? I can’t actually see much hunkered down here between the periodicals & large print but damn, someone sure smells hardbody so let’s make this quick & hope our technical issues are sorted out by the time I get to Gravesend. Left as a comment this morning, from a Gowanus reader known only as Hot Buttered Soul… a song, it would seem, or perhaps a poem, prayer or protest. Tuli Kupferberg says yes!

Bloggers fuck. Bloggers fuck, fuck, fuckdignity of labour
Bloggers love the word fuck
They think it’s so fuckin’ cute
They fuck you around
The first thing they say when they’re mad: “Fuck it”
You play a little too much with them
They say “Fuck you”
When it’s time to TCB,
Bloggers are somewhere fucking
Try to be nice to them, they fuck over you

Bloggers don’t realize while they doin’ all this fucking
They’re getting fucked around
And when they do realize it’s too late
So Bloggers just get fucked up

the flat of the landBloggers talk about fucking
Fuckin’ that, fuckin’ this, fuckin’ yours, fuckin’ my sis
Not knowing what they’re fucking for
They ain’t fucking for love and appreciation
Just fucking to be fucking.

Bloggers fuck white thighs, black thighs, yellow thighs, brown thighs
Bloggers fuck ankles when they run out of thighs
Bloggers fuck Sally, Linda, and Sue
And if you don’t watch out
Bloggers will fuck you!
Bloggers would fuck Fuck if it could be fucked
But when it comes to fucking for revolutionary causes
Bloggers say “Fuck revolution!”
Bloggers are scared of revolution.

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