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reflections on a winter dayErnie Koy, Jr. leads the way: Mornin’ ya’ll, Koy here, live & direct from 3608 White Plains Road, a slice of carrot cake in one hand, a microphone in the other. (BZA, BZA– hey, try to get a shot of some of these dudes checking themselves out in the window, it’s a good look.) I need to get another coffee now but I want to remind everyone that this New Year’s Eve at 7 pm on Bronxnet Channel 67, Brian Berger & C.J. Sullivan will appear on Bronxtalk with host Gary Axelbank. Yeah, it was taped a couple weeks ago in Kingsbridge but I swear on the Fresh Caribbean Rhythms right behind me, the shit is way more live & direct than most things going on that night. See Berger rep Mott Haven, Mother Africa & that Dominican piano bar off Morris Avenue! Hear Sullivan get right with Grandmaster Flash, Gun Hill Road & the bikini girls of Orchard Beach! They brought it to (near) Jerome (Avenue) but gave it up for damn near all of Bronx World– Respect The X indeed, tho’ they don’t seem to like Adolfo CarriĆ³n Jr. much. Hint: Me neither.

BZA apologizes for the vagaries of available light, sometimes too much, sometimes too little. Ya’ll can eat ’til yu belly full but sometimes I gotta shoot when I can.

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