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frogger mermaidNeptune Avenue native Swan shares a recipe: Take one or more idiotic real estate blogs which, in fact, know precious little about New York City, or Brooklyn, or Gowanus as a whole (thus greatly impressing their equally ignorant– or should I be kind & just say “focused”? hah!– peers). Add what could have been a salutary near-obession with Coney Island & season it with some of the most ungodly ofay Christmas hokum this side of “exotic” Dyker Heights (Romano’s RIP). What do we get? Approximately 10,243 postings, cross postings, links & photostreams, not one of which noted the existence of the Santos White Community Garden on Mermaid Avenue, the happy presence of Coqui there or the garden’s various segunset styleasonal decorations. Seriously, as Zyczymy Smacznego asked & Slavoj Žižek echoed, “how the fuck are things like this even possible?” Perhaps a– how you say?– “ethnically challenged” (just a little bit) Brooklyn blogidad mistook the Puerto Rican flag for a Cuban one & placed an embargo on it? A Test of Poetry not extremely unlike Louis Zukofsky’s: search for the word “coqui” in the Brooklyn blog of your choice. WWIB loves that crazy frog!

BZA apologia: Hey, sorry ya’ll for the low quality of these photos, we’re still digging out from recent computer woes & only have a portion of the archives back up. Please consider each of these pix as documentary placeholders & little more.

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