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Who Is Al Pastor &

why is he saying these terrible things about Centipede? an Albanian pizza man? a Boro Park tailor? a Canarsie courier? a Dominican ecstatic? an Ecuadorian mope? the oldest living Finn in Sunset Park? that guy on the G train who’ll argue we should speak of The Georgia as much as The Gambia? he who can’t recognize a Honduran flag? (hint: it ain’t El Salvador.) she– short for Aline– who says there are no good Indian joints in Brooklyn? ah, but Jamaican?! a member of the Knights of Columbus, Council 497, out in Flatlands? the counterman at the King of Latvia deli on Avenue U? a mensch & unpublished poet living in a Midwood rooming house with a brothel on the first floor? a Nigerian movie vendor? an Ovington Avenue psychic? a Pakistani cricket historian? a Quentin Road bookie? that Russian dude who walks on the boardwalk shirtless no matter how cold it is? a serious young man in search of a single Senegalese restaurant in Brooklyn that’s not a steam table joint? Trini to the bone?! a former Olympic-level swimmer from Uzbekistan? a Vietnamese mwhat would centipede eat?echanic? one of a growing number of St. Vincentians– none of whom live in Windsor Terrace, by the way– who do not, in fact, care for the West Indian Day parade in the least? a Yemeni bodega owner in Bed-Stuy? the last zealous Knicks fan on Avenue Z? if so, like the great Red Holzman himself, he too shall pass.

Beadel Debevoise asks: Hey, what the fuck Centipede? Is that my copy of Djuna Barnes’ New York? I was wondering where the hell it was if not at the office– there better not be any jalapeno stains on there when it gets back here, dude.

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