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Dear Music Director,

south bk pj styleNow that we’re two weeks into The Year of Our Toad 2008, many listeners are curious what WWIB’s Best NYC Hip-Hop Records of 2007 were. I don’t want to put too fine a point on it but ya’ll are pretty goddamn late! Last year, it made sense with Nas’ Hip Hop Is Dead coming out in December but what the heck was the hold-up this time? Coming up with new ways to make fun of the insufferable Aesop Rock? (Just what the white world of sports needed logorrheic emo rap but, really, do not fucking bother.) On the other hand, we are very curious where ya’ll stand on the contentious 8 Diagrams versus Big Doe Rehab issue. Is Williamsburg’s Joell Ortiz really the People’s Champ? Which Duck Down release was the best this year? Also,  while I know The Publisher has some beef with Shawn Carter that’s not been squashed yet & I’m not thrilled with Jay’s role as Bruce Ratner StoogeAmerican Gangster might be too hot for even him to deny. Remember, Box Street is watching.

GP Bitch,

Petak I Subota

Junius Van Sinderen, Ombudsman, replies: While I can’t speak for The Music Director, who is currently “working in the studio,” presumably with WWIB’s top 10 list soon to emerge, I do have a pretty good sense of how The Music Director rolls. I can also tell you that, to the shock of many (myself included), Jay-Z & Berger recently had a sit down at Fatima, the terrific Guinean joint on Franklin Ave in Crown Heights. Whether or not they were able to dead the beef over cassava leaf, rice & ginger beer, I’m not yet sure. I’ll also tell you what– my vote doesn’t count more than any others but I might very well go with BK’s Mr. P-Body himself, Sean Price, & his winter ’07 album Jesus Price Superstar. Peep this for a reminder:


BZA adds: Hah! I’ve been waiting for ya’ll to do something. Big shout out to Sean P., we even caught the Duck Down van at 3rd Ave & Warren a couple weeks ago. As ever, I’m sure many other Gowanus, “Boerum Hill” & Park Slope blogs already peeped but hey, like our boy Joell says, nice is nice.

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