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Blogga Please! Or

a funny thing happened to Centipede on the way to The Blogidad tonight: First, New York Calling contributor and Brooklyn resident John Strausbaugh is now offering encyclicals to the good citizens of Sissy Nation here. Nobody For President is one sentiment but everybody should pile into their fave downtown or Flatbush dollar van on the early evening February 6 & tell the driver to get his ass to the Borders. No, not the edge of Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidiad, St. Vincent or even East Flatbush, rather 461 Park Avenue (at 57th St), where John will speak at 7 pm. Turns out John is appearing at the Museum of the City of New York the following night too, as part of a panel discussion on New York Calling. Details forthcoming soon, since nobody tells me shit about this highbrow stuff when I’m on the streets. (Or, more precisely, the Avenue, since I’m filing from Brownsville branch of the Brooklyn Public Library on Glenmore.) Shout to Billy Danze & Lil’ Fame, otherwise known as M.O.P. I know what’s good homies but it’ll be even better if ya’ll drop some heat on us in 2008. Sissy Nation needs it, fam!


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