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Ernie Koy, Jr. was there! Going back– way back– with Just-Ice & his producer of the time, the never-shy KRS-One. While old-timers revel in the memory, there’s still a nagging question among internet gangsters, architectural loft dwellers, upbeat journalists & “yummy” brunch eaters from Gowanus, Vinegar Hill & Williamsburg all the way up to Mott Haven, Port Morris & Hunt’s Point: where the (not Boerum, not Cobble) hell did Just Ice go to high school anyway? Without giving it much thought, we assumed Just-Ice was from the Boogie Down & watching this video, I.S. 131, aka Albert Einstein School, is indeed on Bolton Ave in Soundview. Yet rumor, legend, minformation &/or ig’nance says Just-Ice came out of Fort Greene. I left a message for The Music Director but I think he might have gone on the lam since the dude still hasn’t turned in his Best of 2007 NYC hip-hop piece– what the fuck?!*

* BZA footnotes: Holy crap, Koy, I borrowed TMD’s car to rock Ozone Park & Broad Channel last week & Talib Kweli Eardrum was on the floor so I throw it in & … Whatever his intentions & sometimes decent writing, as music the shit is damn near unlistenable: blathering pipsqueak voice & gimmick ass crossover production… even the Blastmaster himself doesn’t come quite correct in his guest spot. Sometimes, wishing really hard don’t make it true at all, ooof. Thankfully Smif N Wessun The Album was in the whip too… if ya’ll can call a 5-speed ’91 VW Golf a “whip,” hah… Hey– some people do.

Angry M.F. Fisher asks: Does anyone know of some “yummy” brunch spots in the Bronx? Respect The X, I do believe the choir is silent!

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