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MLK Memorial BBQ &

civil rights to goBZA with Greetings From Dunedin, Toad asks… huh? That must be Florida because Brooknam don’t shake like that, not at the Royal Rib House on Halsey, the Carolina Country Store on Atlantic or even Jimmy’s Luncheonette on E. 169th St up in the Boogie Down. What happened? The only thing I can figure is she got out of Tundra BK while nobody was watching, probably to catch Wu Tang this upcoming Saturday in St. Petersburg & maybe to pick up some extra bones shooting Republicans on the campaign trail. (Hey, it’s documentary, not an endorsement.) Yo, B-Train: if you see Rudy, tell him Bishop Loughlin still says fuck you. Let freedom ring!

Beadel Debevoise has just learned The Found In Brooklyn Art Show & Recital opens on 2 February at the legendary & rightly beloved Fredddy’s Bar & Backroom, 485 Dean Street. I’m unsure why precisely, I, Fiction Editor, was not asked to read but, when I find out, I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know. For now, although my eminence is wounded, my rage against eminent domain abuse is undiminished, so support the cause first, then ask Ms. Lisanne where the hell is Beadel?! Further Notes From An Unjilted Publisher are forthcoming, I’m sure.

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