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the wheel is connected to the hoofThis just in over via the drum! Swan reports: Brooklyn’s newest– & already preeminent– Blogga With Attitude, John Strausbaugh, has made two recent postings in anticipation of the imminent publication of Sissy Nation: How America Became A Culture of Wimps & Stoopits –>

Mommy Spanks the Class President

The First Blackface President

Remember, John’s first reading is on February 6.

This just in via the timbales! Ernie Koy Jr. reports: Mornin’ ya’ll. Another late night, another very late morning report from Mami’s apartment in Port Morrisblotta please!; such are the wages of the streets, where the story comes first. Hung over? Hardly, or at least nothing cafe con leche, chocha & a dose of Ray Barretto’s Acid on the box can’t fix. (Too bad Mami went to work at the hospital– that’s Doctor Mami to ya’ll– before I woke up.) In the meantime, for Blotta With Attitude, few things have been or ever will be better than C.J. Sullivan’s Wild Tales From The Police Blotter, available soon from purveyors of fine crime literature everywhere: Respect the X.

BZA, on the campaign trail adds: Before I split south, I was shooting freights & scooters in still industrial Brooklyn. Soon after, New York Calling contributor Tom Robbins did some time up north in the fakeass (my words) freethinking state of New Hampshire & brought back The Clintons Grim Fairy Tales. (I asked for a Vote Obama thong.) In any case, as it is written in Dolemite 1975…

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