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it’s saturday night &The Music Director explains: Call them blasphemy, call them illegal, what you will, but like a Newtown Creek coelacanth, Nordic Wave legends The Scene Is Now are a creature at odds with most commonly held notions of style, time or careerism. More or less “led” by co-founders Chris Nelson & Phil Dray (each of whom originally came out of the roiling Swedish Folk scene of their native Minnesota), with Greg Peterson (a champion Morris Dancer and piper back in Johnson County, Iowa) their now long-time co-conspirator, TSIN defy all expectations of what this thing called “rock” can be. What else? In the late 1970s, Chris published a fanzine called NO (short for Nordic), from which the now popular term No Wave might have been born or popularized. He has also been the producer of the majority of Chain Gang recordings, including the soundtrack to their epic New York City saga, Mondo Manhattan. In that film, Nelson & Dray appear as Mr. Gray & Mr. Black. Tonight, along with Greg & their other band members, they will appear at the Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St on the Island of Mondo. Once upon a time, in a parking garage on nearby Essex St, the following crimes occured:


The Publisher adds: On February 7th, Phil Dray, who contributed “I’m A Renter” to New York Calling, will be appearing with John Strausbaugh, Marshall Berman & Brian Berger at the Museum of the City of New York; well-known Ramones & mbqanga lover Robert Christgau, will be the moderator.

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