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Twoje Zdrowie Means Never

having to say you’re sorry, so Zyczymy Smacznego ain’t starting now. & since, really, it’s too painful to start at the beginning, free thinkers are glad that Norman Oder is still on the case. Ya’ll can catch up with the latest inane turns in the so-called “Atlantic Yards” (sic) proposal here. In (very) brief, the best government money can buy will allow, & uphold, almost anything. The Publisher was not naive, by the way, when he wrote in New York Calling, “Whatever happens– and the game is so rigged in favor of Ratner, it seems only the courts can stop or restrain him…” (He may have been a little drunk on Raki from the Albanian joint on Church we ate at earlier.) If ya’ll are waiting for (the phony) Elliott Spitzer, (the loathesome)secret of beauty Charles Schumer or (the insufferable) Hillary Clinton to save “us,” Citizen Smacznego says don’t bother. In the meantime, there’s The Castle Coalition (a site which battles Eminent Domain abuse nationally) but don’t think merely moving will help: some scumbag politician there might give your property away to another private entity too.

Beadel Debevose shouts Freedom Wednesday!! Release yo’ delf at Borders Books, 461 Park Avenue (at 57th Street) this Wednesday at 7 pm, as Citizen John Strausbaugh– one of the free people– discusses Sissy Nation: How America Became A Culture of Wimps & Stoopits. As it was also written in Sissy Feb. 3:

Friends, End-of-Romans, Sissymen, lend me your rears. I have two speaking engagements in Manhattan this week.

If you’re in town and interested, please come.

First, we officially launch this week with an event on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 6, 7 p.m., at BORDERS BOOKS (461 Park Ave. at 57th St.). Admission is, of course, free, though you’ll be pressured to buy a copy of my book for me to sign. Then you’ll have a SIGNED, FIRST EDITION copy of SISSY NATION, which your children and children’s children will cherish. If they still read. Or they may just ignorantly worship it as a sacred fetish totem in a postliterate New Dark Ages. Whatever.

Then on THURSDAY, FEB. 7, at 6:30 p.m., I’m on a panel discussing the fine essay collection NEW YORK CALLING. Editors Marshall Berman and Brian Berger, along with Robert Christgau, Philip Dray and I, will discuss and, if the audience is lucky and we’re feeling frisky, argue about what’s gone on in New York City over the last thirty years, and whether the current building spree that’s transforming all of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn into a highrise ant farm for yuppies, yunnies, eurotrash and other well-heeled, high-maintenance consumers is the death of New York City culture or just another swing of the pendulum. It’s at the MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK (1220 Fifth Ave. at 103rd St.), and tickets are $9 general admission, $5 for members. But if you buy the book, you can get the whole panel to sign it. Woo hoo!

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