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a night in the psToad brings the ruckus. Words? Fuck ‘em! That seemed to be the message during a near-riot on East 104th Street last night, as hundreds of students, tourists, moles, cowboys, sailors, psychics, shutterbugs, motormen, yarb doctors, graffiti fiends, mistresses & their lady friends expressed their displeasure at being denied entry to a sold out Museum of the City of New York. The gathered mass came from as near as East (or Spanish) Harlem & as far as Little Neck, Tottenville, Mill Basin, Baychester & Inwood to see one person, New York Calling’s Brian Berger, whom the Irish Echo dubbed the “High Priest of Calumny” in its recent “10 Most woody allen doesn’t live herePowerful People in Gowanus” issue. (They didn’t know he’d moved to Gravesend; #3 on the list: Lisanne McTernan, of Found In Brooklyn.) Berger, like the miscreants at Buchannan High– Epstein’s mother can explain– does not ride alone. Posse in effect (but not another goddamn Ox-Bow Incident): Philip Dray, Marshall Berman, Robert Christgau & John Strausbaugh, the last of whom is no stranger to controversy himself, as Wednesday’s Sissy Nation reading proved once again. What happened? Let John tell ya’ll himself:

All you Sissies who didn’t make it to my talk last night can be there the Sissy way — watch it on tv this weekend.

C-SPAN Book TV sent a camera crew. It was a pretty funny gig. A couple of not yet totally Sissified audience members almost got into a fight during the Q&A. They were arguing over whether or not I’m full of crap. My work here is done.

The Book TV program is scheduled to air SUNDAY, FEB. 10, AT 12 P.M. Sit back, grab a jumbo bag of pork rinds, and enjoy.

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