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louder than a bombZincsmith Billiard returns to the Pacific Ave Chamber: Due to personnel issues beyond the control of a mere Sports Desk, approximately none of WWIB’s Ace In The Hole (dir. Billy Wilder, 1951) loving newsmen & women were able to attend the Atantic Yards Camera Club’s protest on Sunday. Many apologies & much respect to those gathering to affirm every New Yorker’s right of photography in public spaces, including Brit In Brooklyn, Flatbush Gardener & the Superfly-inspired Dope On The Slope. As ever ya’ll can, if not satisfy, at least clarify almost all your Atlantic Yards-related agitation with help from the diligent folks over at No Land Grab. Also in attendance, by the way, was filmmaker Jem Cohen, who many might not know was co-producer of the most recent Vic Chestnutt album, North Star Deserter, which some Georgians believe to be Vic’s best ever. (Is it possible? The Music Director is soliciting long-time Chestnutt listener, journalist & former Midwood-resident Jason Cohen– no relation– for a review even as I type.) Lastly, for now, is (Concert For The Comet) Pinakothek, a mysterious assemblage of words & pictures by All Seeing Eye Jr. that claims both this site & Jem’s as friends. A friend of ours?

Junius Van Sinderen jumps into another affray: While the ongoing events around the so-called “Atlantic Yards” (sic) are well documented, numerous other development issues in Brooklyn have not suffered from overexposure. Among these is the ongoing demolition of 591 3rd Avenue, a historic loss first documented on November 19th, 2007, with “The Destruction Lower Gowanus” following the next day. Oddly, more than two months later, it seems there has been no other reporting on the fate of this late 19th or early 20th century brick rowhouse. Is there such a dearth of erstwhile “real estate” blogs in the area that nobody noticed? Is brick that much more declasse than “brownstone” nobody gives a fuck? Surely it has nothing to do with so-called “reporters” being shills, nor the neighbohood’s not-at-all-obscure working the destruction of lower gowanusclass roots being– how you say?– “ethnic.” Ain’t no photography ban here neither! Question: if erstwhile “Gowanus” & Brooklyn “real estate” reporters can’t even recognize news in their own backyard, precisely what authority do they have elsewhere in BK, except perhaps the misguided approbation of those who don’t know any better? Curious: these publications don’t have an Ombudsman (or woman).

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