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carroll slidingThe Music Director is risin’ too: While WWIB collectively tries to restrain itself from the furies that accompanied the most loathesome media cum real estate unveiling to hit the Gold Coast of Gowanus since Whole Foods lied their way into multiple postings from corporate dupe bloggers (& the ersatz “journalists” who echo them), our colleague Found In Brooklyn has taken action: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment & Smells Like Toll Brothers (Tastes Like Shit). (Headlines are reimagined par moi, a former copyel-p & friends editor, but Lisanne’s are good also.). The Publisher might have moved to Gravesend but word is Bond Street, I would say it’s just about impossible he won’t have much to write about this when he returns from… Mill Basin. (Impatient types are directed to Berger’s section introductions in New York Calling.)

BZA, in between bites of pasty in a cheap motel in Platteville, Wisconsin: Mornin’ ya’ll, still on my campaign trail gig so apologies for the fleck of Georgia grits (from Agrirama in Tifton) on the Carroll St piling photo upper left. There are no such problems on the cover of El-P’s High Water album (2004) & as for whether it should be filed under hip-hop or jazz, I’ll let The Music Director decide, although please do send my regards to Matthew Shipp. One question I can answer is who took those flicks: Cynthia Fetty. Unfortunately, whether Ms. Fetty did the collage as well or if that’s the work of the album’s credited designer, Loretta Wong, I am sadly unsure. If any of ya’ll know, get at me dawgs; we might have a lot to talk about– after I wash this pasty down with a bottle of Stevens Point Special (hic).

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