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Slaughter On 10th Avenue

photographer’s helperThe moment one learns English, complications set in. Try as one may, one cannot elude this conclusion, one must inevitably come back to it. This applies to all persons, including those born to the language and, at times, even more so to Latins, including Spaniards. It manifests itself in an awareness of implications and intricacies to which one had never given thought; if afflicts one of its own, gets in everybody’s way and, in the case of Latins, they lose that racial characteristic of taking things for granted and leaving them to their own devices without inquiring into causes, motives or ends, to meddle indiscreetly into reasons which are none of one’s affair and to become not only self-conscious, but conscious of other things which never gave a damn for one’s existence.

In the words of my friend Don Pedro, of whom more later, this could never happen to Spaniard who speaks only English. We are more direct but, according to him, when we enter the English-speaking world, we find the most elementary things questioned, growing in complexity without bounds…”

– Felipe Alfau, from Chromos, written in New York City 1948, published 1990.

Beadel Debevoise (first language: Greenpoint), poses her own question: How many so-called “real estate” bloggers does it take to not get a story? Plenty it seems, which is why Tom Robbins of the Village Voice scooped them all, again, in his piece on two shady Brooklyn “building expeditors”. It is, of course, hardly a “fair” comparison but as the gulf between arguable truths & the virtual reality of the real estate shills continues to widen, it’s an ever more telling one. Thankfully, not all are ignorant, acquiescent & just plain full of shit (like the Gowanus in the rain), as Found In Brooklyn continues its fight against the lies, corruption & power of such loathesome corporate citizens as Toll Brothers & Whole Foods. It’s difficult to believe anything of lasting value occurred in Kings County before they deigned to grant us attention but perhaps they thought we only spoke Spanish? To be continued.

*BZA, from a cheap motel in Lawrence, Kansas, on her way to Texas: Nine times out of ten, that would be 10th Avenue Brooklyn; this is the exception. Boro (or Sunset) Park to Inwood am a hard road to travel but a fuck of a lot easier than spending time in 21st century Chelsea, or Hell’s Kitchen (RIP).

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