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el en espanolJunius Van Sinderen makes the acceptance speech: “On behalf of Scorpion, The Publisher, Angry M.F. Fisher, The Music Director, Lizard, Ernie Koy Jr., Zincsmith Billiard & the rest of the WWIB crew, I’d like to thank Brooklyn natives of all sorts, and foreigners; men of business and men of pleasure; parlour men and backwoodsmen; farm-hunters and fame hunters; heiress-hunters, gold hunters, buffalo-hunters, bee-hunters, happiness-hunters, truth-hunters* and still keener hunters after all these hunters. Fine ladies in slippers and mocassined squaws; Northern speculators and Eastern philosophers; English, Irish, German, Scotch, Danes; Santa Fe traders in striped blankets and Broadway bucks in cravats of cloth and gold; fine looking Kentucky boatmen and Japanese looking Mississippi cotton-planters; Quakers in full drab and United States soldiers in full regimentals; slaves, black, mulatto, quadroon; modisodyssey 2006 (or so)h young Spanish Creoles, and old-fashioned French Jews; Mormons and Papists, jesters and mourners, teetotallers and convivialists, deacons and blacklegs, hard-shell Baptists and clay-eaters; grinning negroes and Sioux chiefs solemn as high priests. In short, a piebald parliament, an Anarcharsis Cloots congress of all kinds of that multiform pilgrim species, Brooklyn (motherfucker).”

* BZA, now in Alpine, Texas, notes: isn’t this redundant with the term “real estate blog”? In any case, it’s no small goddamn shame we were disqualified from “Brooklyn’s Best White Neighborhood Blog” for– get this, ya’ll– being “too ethnic”? Okay, okay: we didn’t mean it!! From here on in, we promise to be your one stop source for all breaking news about “yummy brunch” spots, “luxury” moms & “cool” developer art. Didn’t know there was such a thing? WWIB’s gotcha back but best to watch your front, cuz it’s the bloggers who front– they be pullin’ stunts.

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