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Affirmative No

curves! events– even “good” ones? don’t do ‘em. while everyone here at WWIB is more than down with mermaids, gay pride & hip-hop, & recently, the opera, Richard Thompson and Ralph Stanley in Prospect Park as well (Ralph Stanley II is… well, another story), ya’ll can read about those things elsewhere. maybe it’s a good read, & if it probably ain’t… that’s why we have Bunny F. Profane as our country music writer, the brilliant Ernie Koy Jr rockin’ the Bronx (debut column soon!) & Swan won’t shut the hell up about the Boot Camp Clik among others… meanwhile, BZA threw these photos down on my desk this morning with no comment other than “put ‘em up, douche.” “Hey, what the fuck is this?” “It’s Brooklyn, motherfucker.” & that, dear friends, they are. WWIB– where the goddamn action is. (all pix from yesterday according to BZA.)



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