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going going…Toad is among the mourners: Bad news, bad news come to me where I sleep: the fencing is up & it appears all the buildings at 185 Third Avenue will soon be torn down. Why? Oh, we’ll get to that but for the time it still stands, let us recognize the life one of WWIB’s favorite buildings in all of Gowanus: Electric Switchboard Co, with the blue & white Third Avenue sign lain upon red brick. What’s nearby? The old Daily News Brooklyn garage, Gowanus Arts, Wyckoff Gardens, all sortsa stuff, including the handball courts I won thirteen straight games against all comers one brutally hot day last summer. Were any of them real estate bloggers? You know, I’m not “really” sure but I suspect not, or else you’d think one of them would have beaten me to this “exclusive.” Or wait, wait– perhaps this isnt a “real estate” story? Perhaps this isn’t “Gowanus”? Maybe they’re still on 3rd Street with their tote bags waiting for the Toxic Whole Foods to open? In any case, while we laugh derisively at the pretensions of would-bethe butler did it internet “journalists” (cough), it is, perhaps, funnier still to read the trade press where the sale of 185 Third Ave to the Troutbrook Company was “reported” (cough). Indeed, these uncredited dispatches are filled with so many distortions & lies of omission, I daresay they’re ready for the blog time themselves. Oh, Gowanus, we hardly knew ye! According to the November 22, 2006 issue of Real Estate Weekly:

“It is expected that the 3rd Avenue corridor will, in the next several years, become a pedestrian walk way filled with retailers catering to the needs of the community. The site is under consideration to be rezoned to create greater density; at present the parcel can accommodate a 65,000 s/f mixed use project including a lower level.”

Those interested in this Gowanus– which is neither “downtown” nor Park Slope– can read the whole press release here. Troutbrook claims to be “full service” but the only fucking I feel is scorn for their pathetic propaganda. Civic types can check out the recent DOB filings on 185 Third Avenue over yonder.

Now, who is Marc Freud & where is the best “Troutbrook” fishing in Kings County? If the name sounds familiar to some of ya’ll, it’s because he used to be called Marc Freudenberger. A wedding notice in the May 30, 2004 New York Times offers us some other clues:

“Mr. Freud, 39, is the principal owner of the Troutbrook Company, a real-estate development business in New York. He graduated from New York University and also received a master’s degree in international finance and real estate there. His previous marriage ended in divorce. The bridegroom, who is the son of Mrs. Herbert J. Freudenberger of Mount Vernon, N.Y., and the late Dr. Freudenberger, legally shortened his name. His father, who was a psychoanalyst in New York, coined the term ‘burnout’ and, with Geraldine Richelson, wrote Burn-Out: The High Cost of High Achievement.”

(Admirers of novelist Philip Roth will be interested in & amused by the paid December 2, 1992 Times death letter re: Old Man Freudenberger. A shame he didn’t live long enough to get even an hour’s worth of full service in a “luxury” Gowanus– or is it Wyckoff Gardens?– motel.)

luxury wood do whatJunius Van Sinderen adds: Ever vigilant, on February 28 of this year, Norman Oder of the Atlantic Yards Report reminded readers that Marc Freud was the developer of the Atlantic Arts Building at 631 Pacific. Read Norm’s full post here, although I believe he erred in not describing Michael Stoler of the New York Sun a real estate fabulist & second only to Courier-Life’s awesome Stanley P. Gershbein (“It’s Only My Opinion”) for frequency of delusion. Hey, Michael, exactly when is Brooklyn Tech High School going condo again? Most yokels might have missed that whopper but being great Raymond Scott admirers, we sure as hell did not, likewise No Land Grab. Seriously tho’, Norm’s has been on fire lately, hilariously busting the Daily News, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle manque & the unbelievably naive (or just plain dopey) yokels at ACORN, who were played so hard by Bruce Ratner but they won’t stop singing that tune for fear of admitting they were wrong from the start: oops upside your head indeed.

BZA, from the parking lot of Pudge’s in Blue Bell, Pennyslvania: Why does this have to happen when I’m on the Campaign Trail, goddamnit? I only have about a jillion & three pictures of the mighty Electric Switchboard, including ones with their much groovier lightning bolt sign. Hang tight homies, aiight? I’ll be back from this Women For Obama thing shortly.

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