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The Music Director brings that back beat: The argument continues to this day: is Group Home’s 1995 album Livin’ Proof (1995) DJ Premiere’s greatest album-length production with– ironically– the weakest or perhaps just most unique MCs he ever spent that much time with? Whatever happened– & what didn’t– between Primo, Lil’ Dap & Melachi (they never recorded again), all Brooklynites should recognize the brilliance of what these three did together. There’s lots of great Primo, of course: Gang Starr, Jeru the Damaja & M.O.P. for starters but here’s to hoping Lil’ Dap & Melachi can bring some of that East New York hardcore back to a borough of that needs to see, & to hear a diversity of voices– those of the Condo Fucks included, of course*– more than ever.


* Appearing tonight at Magnetic Field, 97 Atlantic Avenue– which never in its history was a “slum,” no matter what lies the real estate press purvey (some people might even remember– holy crap– an Atlantic Avenue without chain stores)– with the A-Bones headlining. Peter’s Ice Cream is dead; Arch Hall Jr. lives!!

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