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rebels forever“You lookin’ to get in? You gotta expect trouble.” “I dig,” deadpans our teenage leading lady Terry Fiore (Diane Conti). Trouble then starts on the double.

Within a day of moving to waterfront Brooklyn—it’s not clear where, although Fulton Ferry or Brooklyn Heights are most likely—ex-Manhattanite Terry Fiore claws her way into local teenage gang, “The Rebels.” How? It begins with her sauntering into a bar and getting into a catfight with the leader’s girl. In between, she beds the leader, Johnny Georgiano and, when he wants to burn his initials onto her chest, Terri says, “Nuts to you, Buster– nobody’s gonna cut me up!”

no no not the belt!To a soundtrack of bongos and raunchy be-bop music, we witness deadly teenage knife fights, gang bangs, rumbles and frenetic go-go dancing at the Rebels clubhouse. All the while Terry, dressed in the fashion of the Shangri-Las’s (teased hair, heavy eye makeup, tight jeans, leather jacket and boots) acts agitated and impatient. This broad wants it all!! Check out this flick to see how Brooklyn digs her.
Rating: 3 switchblades. Lisanne McTernan

Swan, riding ample white flesh in capri pants of the mind: For an iconic 1966 sleaze flick, Teenage Gang Debs is shrouded in much mystery. Don’t blame Lisanne for not recognizing the Brooklyn streets– I went over this like it was the Zapruder film & still came up stumped. (If any readers can recognize the shot at left, please get in touch.) I dream of Diane Conti? She played a model in Heat of Madness (1966) & then gone– just like that. Screenwriter Hy Cahl? Surely a fake name; we hope he’s not drinking “PBR” listening to “indie rock” in a faux Williamsburg “dive” now. If only Steve Karmen, composer of “Black Belt” & “Don’t Make Me Mad” were here– but he ain’t anywhere that we can find. Director Sande N. Johnsen had a career, man: from 1000 Shapes of a Female (1963) & The Beautiful Shape of a Female (1964) to Justine: The Erotic Excitement of Evil and Games People Play (both 1967), then he enters the void also. Eileen Dietz appeared in the last named, & played Ellie in Teenage Gang Debs. Miraculously, Eileen’s had a substantial– & weird– career, including important stage credits, a key part in The Exorcist, the Planet of the Apes tv show and a role as one of Charlie’s girls in Helter Skelter. Forget playing Forever Changes, Notorious Byrd Brothers & Buffalo pitching penniesSpringfield Again at Spahn Ranch until the needle’s dull– Eileen’s resume claims Brooklyn as one her dialects. Not that we disbelieve her but we know ya’ll wanna hear that too. By the power granted in WWIB by the members of Club Tesian & the RPM Motorcycle Club, we shall try to make that happen.

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  1. Zorbitor says:

    I liked it better than Scorcese’s “Mean Streets”

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