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fake organic, fake luxury or fake art: who can choose?Berenice (“The Abbott”)/BZA, Photo Editor reports: To the shock of many & delight of all, yesterday afternoon an anonymous reader sent in the near-genius collage at left. I was out surfing in Rockaway but when I got out of the water & was warm enough to check my messages at the library (shout out to the Peninsula branch of the QPL: what’s good, homies?), I agreed with The Publisher: it had to be an inside job. J’accuse?! Not me, boss, & without disparaging the myriad skills of our other editors & reporters, I strongly question whether anyone of them did it either. Can ya’ll imagine, say, an Ernie Koy Jr. or Zyczymy Smacznego sitting there & tweaking the “ripple” effect? I think not. But if– as it was signed– “Diogenes of South Brooklyn” ain’t us then… is it tu or is it vous?

Swan can’t concentrate too well right this second (thoughts of BZA wiggling out of her drysuit) but hey– hey! What’s that shopping cart doing in the Gowanus? Isn’t that part of the new Green South Brooklyn? Or is my mind playing tricks on me & it really came from the Toxic Whole Foods that some shill bloggers (hint: the same self-deluding creeps who take big box particle board crap store tours without offering any historic, economic or environmental comment) claimed was opening… in the Spring of 2008? Well, goddamn, looks like I missed the celebration! Was Marty Markowitz there? (& “Diogenes”: can you make one of these mashups with our Borough President & maybe a Toll Brothers scumbag floating by also?) I was all set to rejoice in the death of the “Congestion Pricing” sham except then I remembered: I used to live in Mott Haven. Do ya’ll know what the air quality is like there? Do ya’ll know about the big box stores– being developed on city land by Friends of Bloomberg, natch– going up nearby in both the Bronx & Harlem? The information is out there– all props to the few New York City journalists & activists who cover these issues– of course, but “funny” how infrequently we hear of their effects compared to other stories. (“Real estate,” it would seem, is only “real” if it benefits rich white people benefit the most, which is perhaps why those who write of “Red Hook” would much rather pimp Swedish garbage than report on Municipal Solid Waste.) A question for the proponents of “Congestion Pricing”: how, precisely, would it have helped those who live & work in Mott Haven, Red Hook, Long Island City or any other ‘hood which has suffered decade after decade after fucking decade of not-at-all-benign neglect? To those sharp eyed readers who will ask: if Congestion Pricing wasn’t good for the South Bronx, why did Councilmember Maria del Carmen Arroyo vote for it? Answer: The Bronx Machine always sdrive-by truckersells out the people & Maria del Carmen Arroyo is as venal & shameless a disgrace as Adolfo Carrión himself. (For starters see Neil deMause here & here.) The followup is too infuriating but big ups to Charles Barron for voting against 1) Ikea 2) so-called Atlantic Yards 3) the absurd Mets & Yankee Stadium deals & 4) the police state friendly (& nothing else) Congestion Pricing sham. Bravo, Mr. Barron, bravo.

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