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don’t believeBeadel Debevoise says yes! & for a mere $5 ya’ll can discover it Kevin Walsh-style at 1 pm the 20th of April. Tito Puente was born that day in 1923 & if the weather is right, maybe Kevin will sing a few verses of “Mambo Gazon.” WWIB hasn’t repped it much lately but the latin jazz muse runs strong here sometimes– a lot stronger than that lousy Joe Walsh song in The Warriors anyway, hah. Forestry Gravesend? There’s a pine tree near Lake Street I’m especially fond of– Kevin might point it out if he has time– & while today’s Gravesend residents are more likely to reminisce about Mother Sicily than Lady Moody, both women have a place in this broad’s heart. Fornicating Gravesend? Well… I dunno what Kevin would say about that but when I went to Lafayette High School, BZA– then imprisonStone Rain Forevered at St. Finbar’s, hah– & I hung at L&B Spumoni with the best of ‘em. Foraging Gravesend? Kevin has hot dogs on his mind– many people do– but that L&B square slice is still a Brooklyn classic & many of us here swear by Ciccio’s as well. Forsaken Gravesend? Sometimes, but it’s mostly for the better &– if forced to wager– I’d say Avenue U heroes Stone Rain hate the fucking Eagles too.

Zincsmith Billiard asks: While we’re in the ‘hood, might any readers have something to add about the awesome New Boppers Luncheonette at the Shell Lanes? For those who missed it the first time, peep Brian Berger’s original wonder at Found In Brooklyn.

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