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Northern Beef

da’ bridge“Koy here.” Ernie Koy? “Yeah, Junior.” I’ve been through it a million times. Maybe you’ve heard of my old man– “a legend”– maybe you haven’t. He was a writer, Bronx Irish. I write too, sometimes. About Tha’ Boogie Down, about the streets, crime, sports… love, hate, action, violence, death… in one word, emotion. I’m not sure about this “blog” thing myself but Admin & I go back so… I said okay. “What the i.m. pussyfuck do you want a Bronx column on there for anyway? Don’t you think it might scare away your ‘upscale’ advertisers? There aren’t a lot of ‘sophisticated urban professionals’ up here, bro’.” I was busting balls because I know Admin hates that crap; I hate it too but that’s why I don’t live in Brooklyn. “Spare us your wild Irish horseshit and just fucking write, Papi.” So I did.

Respect the X,

Ernie Koy, Jr

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