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foam & glorySwan takes the 4 train from Utica Ave & that’s right, documentaries plural. One is a short film, Brooklyn Among The Ruins & its title– from Kafka– is, perhaps, a little misleading. Those expecting the smoldering lots of 1970s Bushwick or Brownsville won’t find ‘em here, nor is it an homage to such monuments of Kings County’s industrial heritage such as the Greenpoint Terminal Market or Trommer’s Brewery. Instead, BATR is a rather awesome foamer flick, even if its subject, Paul Kronenberg, might object to the term. Ya’ll can read more about it here but in short, “Paul is a 60 year-old subway buff who built a life-size replica of a 1930s motorman’s subway cab in his tiny bedroom in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.” Say no more!! Suzanne’s other movie, the full-length Thunder In Guyana– while not being shown tonight– is even more remarkable & will be revelatory to many. While everyone at WWIB loves the Land of Six Peoples & most can expound at length on the Guyanese of African descent in Brooklyn, the Indians in Queens, their remarkable cuisines, love for cricket & calypso, etc., until recently, few could offer more than a basic outline of the country’s troubled political history. Thunder In Guyana changed everything. Its subjects are Cheddi & Janet Jagan, brilliant hadcore lefties– the real, thrilling thing– one from Guyana, the other Chicago, who would meet, marry & each be elected President… after the United States & Britain allowed the semblance of free elections in Guyana. What might the late American historian & international “liberal” fraud, Arthur M. Schlesinger say about this? Who but those as besotted with power as Artie himself could give a shit? (For background on Schlesinger’s role in the suppression of Guyanese democracy, see Winter Patriot; coincidentally, Schlesinger hated Jimmy Carter, who was in Guyana for the 1992 elections Cheddi Jagan won.) As for 87-year-old Janet Jagan (nee Rosjanet!enberg), Chicago-native, radical Jew, woman President and director Suzanne Wasserman’s cousin: if any of this is news, ya’ll must see Thunder In Guyana. WWIB doesn’t know if 84-year-old Brooklyn-native, radical Jew & poet Tuli Kupferberg will be at the E. 54th Street Recreation Center in Manhattan (348 East 54th Street between 1st & 2nd) tonight at 7 p.m. but we hope both he & Janet are out there somewhere, & well.

Berenice “The Abbott”/BZA adds: Janet & Cheddi are among my new political heroes– just wait until I tell The Publisher I need airfare to Georgetown so I can shoot a Special Report on our Southern Hemisphere fam. (Predicted answer: “Uh… we might need to have a stoop sale.”) The images above are taken from Suzanne’s films, by the way, & credit for each can be found on the respective sites above. An interview with Suzanne– who’s also Director of the Gotham History Center– is forthcoming later this Spring.

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