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DJ Toad brings that beat back: While real estate vermin & their feckless army of shills in both the print & internet media do their best to ignore it, all sortsa interesting– non-white, non-rich– things can still happen in even the most beleaguered-by-lies neighborhoods. This doesn’t mean we suggest sending, say, the broke dick dogs of Gowanus to East Flatbush, Canarsie or even Gravesend to see what they find, although that would be funny. (Why they ain’t found shit there already is another story, or ten-thousand: like the ones about Municipal Solid Waste & 185 Third Avenue that don’t conveniently show up in an e-mail press release or arrive with an invitation to party chit-chat & all “exclusive” pretensions.) On the really real then: an inked up Canadian named Marco Polo moves to Brooklyn & makes music; in turn, one of Brooklyn’s greatest ever MCs, Masta Ace, gets on a track. They call it “Nostalgia” & as far as this reporter can determine, other than some hip-hop websites, it was roundly… ignored. Remembering: South Brooklyn. Likewise, the at least very humorous days of the other goddamn Port Authority, & its ill-fated Red Hook Fishport.


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