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elite/elateSpecial correspondent Caz Dolowicz celebrates: Goddamn, I was very sorry to read the other Jonathan Williams obituary– my condolences, even if neither Mayor Bloomberg nor Pope Benedict (Jonathan Williams served in Germany with the U.S. Army Medical Corps: maybe they met?) offered none. (What the fuck do ya’ll think Hillary Clinton– or the equally vile Charles Schumer– favorite poem is? The mind tremebles.) I know, people are sometimes surprised to learn Caz Dolowicz writes poetry but it’s true; I’m pretty deep in photography too, although I’ve not been in the darkroom for more than five years now. (“Treat it like boxing: burn & dodge, burn & dodge”–Notorious B.I.G., of Bed-Stuy.) Although I have my issues with digital too (fifty million lousy photobloggers can’t bthe other jwe wrong), it’s kept this old man in the game & for that I’m grateful. Likewise, a chance encounter in what some call South Williamsburg, a district where I’d not spent much time lately. This afternoon at the corner of Division & Havermeyer– call it fate, call it blasphemy, what you will… Jonathan Williams Plaza.

From the Greenpoint Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, Beadel Debevoise: Whoa, Caz Dolowicz bringing out the big guns! This would be Elite/Elate Poems, Jargon 91, 1979. Originally $10, that’s a great Guy Mendes photograph on the cover (gimme that shirt!) & there are more Mendes pix inside; Guy Davenport did the introduction, Thomas Meyer the jacket copy & design. What the fuck’s not to love? Ives Vies!

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