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sietsema armsThe Music Director reviews: One of WWIB’s favorite jazz books is Sidney Bechet‘s Treat It Gentle. For those of ya’ll who don’t know, Bechet is one of the towering individualists of the first half of 20th century American music– hear at least his recordings with Louis Armstrong, of Corona via Chicago & New Orleans yesterday. Bechet took a similar route &, although he never lived in the city long, in 1918, Sidney played briefly out at Coney Island with one Tim Bryen: “So to fill in time I went and played with Tim Bryen on Coney Island. We all wore very fancy uniforms and the pay was good.” (Treat it Gentle, page 149.) Tim who? Readers of John Strausbaugh‘s excellent Black Like You (2006) want to know, as do many other bold face names in the Daughters of the American Revolution (Park Slope Lodge) list of Brooklyn’s 100 Sexiest Cultural Historians. (John was #8, Brian Berger close behind at #11.) Alas, research suggests Tim Bryen did not exist– an error in transcription or in editing, nobody now can say. J. Tim Brymn, on the other hand… now there was a man! Noble Sissle, with whom Bechet first recorded in 1933 for Brunswick, likewise pissed standing up, even when “Viper Mad,” as when “Pops” Bechet With Noble Sissle’s Swingsters recorded said reefer classic for American Decca in 1938. Swagger jacking “Pops” was no timid move either. Indeed, were he among us today, ithunderbolt triumphast would not be for Sidney Bechet whom Straushbaugh wrote Sissy Nation: How American Became A Culture of Wimps & Stoopits. How do I know such things? Listen to John on the Lou Dobbs Show, WJGK 1200 AM, in the 5 o’clock hour for the answers, & if they take requests, there are many worse things to ask for than “Viper Mad.” Tell ‘em The Music Director sent ya’ll.

Zyczymy Smacznego adds: Neil deMause of the Village Voice dug into the latest mess of flotsam at Coney & came up with… well, let Neil give the dope. Mermaid Variety RIP, & in 1982, when The Publisher took that photo below right, where precisely was the “Economic Development Corporation” &, pardon my French, who the fuck really pays them now?

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