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Do Or Die… & Brownsville

Angry M.F. Fisher has the recipe: If music be the food of love, let’s call it that giant buffet on Rockaway Avenue near Belmont. Soul, brother! This might not be the best example to show ya’ll– & nobody is fronting on the ‘Ville, to this day– but to many in Brooklyn, any M.O.P. is that crack: the albums cost about the same but last a whole lot longer. Speaking of long lived ghetto warfare, it appears The Publisher has been moonlighting. 81-year-old Allen Baron, once of New Lots Avenue in East New York but very familiar with Jewish (& Yiddish) Pitkin Avenue, made this picture, Blast of Silence & … M.O.P. may occasionally be silenced (neither their Roc-A-Fella nor G-Unit albums came out, alas), but when heard, they ain’t ever quiet. Welcome back to Brooklyn, motherfuckers– including the other Jay-Z… the kind we like.


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