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real power is sheepleSwan says “yo, Chango”: While the scumbags of blogidad take big box store tours without remark on the attendant environmental, race & class issues or laud unfathomably ignorant, beyond awful (rhymes with offal) self-negating “real estate art ” at 3rd & Bond, others have taken a different path. Frogg, our second favorite amphibian (after mighty coqui) gets down & dirty– just the way Gowanus demands it. Lost City seems to have gotten “nervous in the service” & wandered a bit from his original bailiwick but, while I don’t agree with everything (fuck Trader Joe’s & the sheeple who worship there), the dude’s peepers are open & transmitting in important ways most ain’t. “Funny” though how few in the blogidad or the preservation community have previously been moved to celebrate thcrusader candles y mase simple beauty of the Botanica De La Milgrosa, 537 Court Street. Will the wondrous, “concerned citizens” (sic) of the Waterfront Alliance or Municipal Art Society raise their voices in unison when some grim reaper comes for Chango? Or are all the gods & goddesses of Santeria too frightening for those who seem most interested in preserving history for white people with money to merely enjoy? Oh, weren’t those working people “quaint”!

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