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what time are ya’ll open?From the rubber room to the recap district, Toad: But where the hell are the rest of ya’ll? Caz Dolowicz is still in Florida, he left a message saying they were out of sausage at Eli’s BBQ in Dunedin yesterday. BZA is on the campaign trail again, last seen looking for Elvis on the jukebox of a Martinsburg, West Virgina Waffle House at 3 am & not heard from since. I don’t know if this is true but I heard Angry M.F. Fisher turned up the Big Daddy Kane really loud in Gowanus last week. Centipede, who lives in that vast part of Bed-Stuy without even one yummy brunch spot (or brunch blogger!), remembers both the Carolina Adult Crubber man?enter & Tar Heel Auto Repair. Despite riding the front car of the GG train often as a kid, Swan is not a foamer, & if he gets off at Queens Plaza & starts walking north, ya’ll better believe he means business, & it ain’t buying your mom crappy brunch or a crappier condo. Ernie Koy Jr. must have siphoned some gas & drove over from the Bronx, because that’s him in the corner, digging through the milk crates now.

Zyczymy Smacznego is hittin’ what? All of ya’ll who walking dogs in the Boogie Down– especially Mott Haven– know that’s where chicken bones come from. This is fact. Shout out to Forest Houses in Morrisania too: huh, no brunch for Mami? Somebody blog that!

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