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whatcha up to, Zincsmith Billiard? Glad ya’ll asked! One project among the many is to identify, & hopefully interview, each of the people in this video collage, assembled from Beenie Man’s smash 2004 hit, “King of the Dancehall,” & a wide array of folks from Crown Heights, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, Ocean Hill, Brownsville, New Lots, Canarsie, Flatlands, Red Hook & Coney Island who made the ass-shaking pilgrimage to Empire Boulevard. Oddly, while there is only a single white person here, she remains among the unidentified, as does rental skate gentleman in the referee outfit at 3:04 . A free WWIB To The Bone t-shirt to any reader who can help us solve this Recalcitrant Ethnographic Mystery.


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