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queens <---> knappFrom the deck of the S.S. Rockapulco… Swan: As guest correspondent Caz Dolowicz reported last week, Queens County Blogfest was far more than merely successful— it was, by numerous other accounts, a goddamn happening the likes of which not seen within 50 nautical miles of Beach 116th Street since the Golden Venture ran aground in 1993. Where was I then? Throwing up tags on Knapp Street with Scorpion & his girlfriend of the time, a Chinese-American gal from Sunset Park I’ll call Leng Tan. “Can you write my name?” she asked. They always do, & the answer is yes. Afterwards, I put the can back in under the waistband of my shorts & pulled my shirt down. “Dude, is L&B still open?” Scorpion wondered. It was a little after 2 o’clock in the morning & the answer, very fucking sadly, was no. Nathan’s was closed also. What to do? Flash forward 15 years. It’s well after 2 am on the deck of boat owned by longtime WWIB listener, Mack Moran. Queens County dressed for wordpressBlogfest 2008 is winding down &, although there was a strict no photography rule in place, Mack asked if he could take just one shot, “it’s for my mother.” Herewith, somewhere off the gloaming coast of Beach 96th St, from left to right: Zyczymy Smacznego, Scorpion, Beadel Debevoise, The Publisher, Angry M.F. Fisher & The Music Director.

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