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corn liquor tampon &Junius Van Sinderen offers his backspin: After a round of tense last-minute negotiations with the management at Demause.net News Service over 1) demolition costs; 2) naming rights 3) tax abatements & 4) what sources called a “generous” contribution to the Stop The Ditmas Canker slush— I mean “community outreach”— fund, WWIB is delighted to link to Neil DeMause’s 2008 Coney opening piece for the Village Voice. That there was not, in fact, any final agreement between the two Brooklyn-based media companies yet… here we are anyway is proof that somebody fucked up, seriously. Was it Brian Berger, AKA “The Publisher,” last seen drinking coffee (or something in a brown paper bag) on Beach 96th Street & muttering “it just doesn’t matter”? Was it photography legend Berenice (“The Abbott”)/BZA, now continuing her long-term project of taking “tastefully nude” portraits of fishermen at Canarsie Pier? Was it outlaw food writer, Angry M.F. Fisher, dutifully surveying the Mexican grocery scene in Greenpoint because, she says, echoingcorona crab & newports Ovid with an Ovington Avenue flip, “I fucking hate.” Hate what, Angry? That sounds nihilistic. Mexicans don’t even eat brunch, yummy or otherwise. Is it the thousands of morons, often from Texas, Ohio, California & Connecticut, who still say they can’t find great Mexican food in Greenpoint, or Coney Island Creek? (They look right past Dominican.) Ms. Angry replies: “OK, ya’ll can’t! So please fucking leave already? Mucho gracias.”

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