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Caz Dolowicz rolls out the WW (welcome wagon)—local. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. Uncle Caz, Uncle Caz: what the hell did they do?!?! Ya’ll loved them in the pages of New York Calling. Ya’ll astounded them in the basement of the Fresh Meadows Barnes & Noble. Now, for the first time ever in the history of the Brooklyn Queens blogidad (including Gowanus & Rockaway Beach)… Brian Berger meets Forgotten New York: Welcome To The East. Berger, The Publisher of “this thing of ours,” has met a few other folks of interest:everybody was kung fu fighting

* Luc Sante: Walloon For The Hell Of It

* Meredith Brosnan: Man & Pookah

* Jim Knipfel: A Swell Looking Babe

* John Strausbaugh: Sissy Be Thy Name

& numerous, luminous others too. Are ya’ll next? Danger!


Caz Dolowicz was born on Sands Street in 1923. A retired New York City Transit Authority Tower Operator, most of the time he lives with his wife & two cats in Bay Ridge. Currently giving your mom a backrub in her Pinellas Park, Florida home, Caz had dac biet at Pho an Hoa for dinner & will soon watch Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter & Richard Widmark in Yellow Sky (1948). Your mom says “hi.”

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